Klingspor Abrasive Rolls

I have been making replacement knobs and totes for Stanley, Veritas, and other brands of planes for several years. Because this is part of my livelyhood and because it keeps me very busy I am always looking for ways to save time and do things faster. Recently I switched from brand name abrasive papers from the local “big box store” to rolls of abrasive cloth made by Klingspor. The thinking is that the rolls can be put on a dispenser and I can cut off a length quicker than cutting a rectangle from a sheet. Also all of the progressive grits that I use would be right in front of me on the same dispenser instead of going through a stack of sheets. After searching the web I found the width, the length and the grits I was looking for at Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop.

Today I tried the new abrasive system out for the first time. My first impression is WOW! The Klingspor abrasive is aluminum oxide on a J weight cloth. The lighter weight cloth makes it more flexible and allows the abrasive to conform to the contours very well. However what really impressed me was the performance of this abrasive cloth. It cuts super fast. It cuts very smooth without the deep scratches I was getting from the big name paper. And it out lasts the three times paper by at least three times.

As a turner that still has a lot to learn my off the tool finishes and contours aren’t as smooth as they should be. Therefore, I have a lot more polishing to do than an experienced turner. This aluminum oxide cloth made by Klingspor has cut my polishing time by more than 60%. I am so impressed that I am going to try this abrasive on the polishing operation on the totes.

I have no connection with Klingspor or anyone who works there. I ordered this abrasive cloth from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop website and paid full price, which I might add is reasonable. The order was shipped very fast. I ordered it on a Saturday and I had the order by Tuesday.

This product is highly recommended.


Professional furniture maker and restorer. Dealer and collector of vintage and antique woodworking tools.
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