Good Lighting is Important to Good Work

I recently heard that at age 60 we need 22 times more light to see well than at age 22. I did not know this. However I do know that good lighting is very important in the woodshop. I have added task lighting to many areas of my shop. At my bench I drilled a series of 1/2″ holes along the back edge using a plunge router with a 1/2″ bit. These holes allow me to position a swing arm lamp to light any area of the bench where I am working. Try it. The lamps can be found cheap and the holes take about 5 minutes to drill.

Task Lighting for the Bench


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4 Responses to Good Lighting is Important to Good Work

  1. Roy P says:

    I find these lamps at the thrift store typically for a buck. My favorite base is a piece of 2×12 about 18-24″ long with a 1/2 inch hole at one end. You can move it anywhere and it serves as flat space to set a cold drink, drill, or whatever. No wasted space and no extra holes in your workbenches.

  2. They are very inexpensive. I used a similar mounting method on my bench for many years and just got tired of clamping every time I wanted to move it. A few 1/2″ holes eliminated that. And as you said the lamps are so cheap that I have one at every station that is in need of one. Thank you for your comment. It offeres an alternative for those not wanting to drill holes in their bench.

  3. Joshua P says:

    Hey there, Just shooting a line to you to tell you that I really enjoyed this. I bookmarked it! I like how you are adding the Machinist/Toolmaker approach to woodwork in your other blogs. I do this with alot of things too. I like this blog post about having good work lighting. I was wondering where you bought that lamp that you have shown above? If you find one that dosent work you can take the lamp off of it and use it for a microphone stand or a web camera stand for a computer. Its a great way to repurpose one that dosent work. Anyway Be safe and live well.

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