Stepping Out of the Mainstream

Knobs and totes for a couple of rare antique planes. The original knobs are in front of the planes. There were no original totes.

These old planes have been sitting in my shop patiently awaiting new knobs and totes for a long time waiting for a lull in orders so I could slip them in. Finally I had to put the orders on hold and clear the bench for these rare old specimens. The #7 sized plane in the background is a Chaplin’s patent plane made by Tower & Lyon and the #5 sized plane in the foreground is a Rodier’s patent plane made by the Laflin Manufacturing Company.

Both planes had their original knobs, but neither plane had a tote. I had to search for any pictures I could find and use those to design new totes. They are made from walnut as are the knobs. The knobs are done and need only the application of finish. the totes have all the machine work done and await hand shaping and sanding.

This was a fun job. definitely not your mainstream Stanley or Millers Falls planes.

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Professional furniture maker and restorer. Dealer and collector of vintage and antique woodworking tools.
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3 Responses to Stepping Out of the Mainstream

  1. Marilyn says:

    Wow! Cool! So .. will you leave the metal on the planes as is and put them to use or something else?

    • These planes belong to a customer so they will go home as is. I don’t recommend doing more than a mild soap and water wash on something this rare. If the #5 size plane were complete it would fetch more than $1000.

      • Marilyn says:

        Well, they sure look snazzy with their new totes. Thanks for sharing the picture. Don’t think I’ve ever seen any quite like those.

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