Cleaning Cutters

Do you have cutters that look like this?

This is all that is needed to clean the crud off of this router bit.

This router bit soaked for only a couple of hours and the deposits brushed off easily.

Keeping cutters used in power tools clean is very important. When cutters have a heavy buildup of oils and resins they cut harder, run hotter, and dull quicker. So for my router bits, saw blades and drills I have found common household amonia works as good as anything I have tried. It is readily available and cheap. Usually I let the cutter soak over night and a light brushing cleans off whatever remains.

I know the question that is coming and the answer is no, amonia does not harm the braze that holds the carbide onto the body of the tools. In the decades that I have been using amonia to clean my cutters I have not seen any signs of the braze deteriorating. Amonia works great for cleaning cutters and is a lot cheaper than the specialty cleaners made for this purpose.

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2 Responses to Cleaning Cutters

  1. Lamar Keeney says:

    I’ve used the spray type oven cleaner for years on my saw blades. Just spay, let set for bout fifteen minutes rinse with the use of a soft wire hand brush.

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