New Shop Addition

The new bandsaw.

The new bandsaw.

This bandsaw is the latest addition to my shop. It is a Craftsman 10″ model. This saw is made in China and sold under many different brand names with prices ranging from $169 to $289. I looked at the high-priced saw and could find no difference between it and the lower priced versions. It appears to be a good quality tool. The frame and doors are steel and the table is cast iron. The blade guide system is of the ball bearing type using 3 bearings in the upper guide and 3 bearings in the lower guide. I’m waiting for delivery of the 3/16″ 4 TPI blade I need so I haven’t used the saw yet.

Lately I have been changing my 14″ bandsaw back and forth between re-sawing and profiling so I decided to buy a small bandsaw to be setup strictly for contouring and profiling. The time saved here will pay for this saw in short order.

After the saw is used for a while I will post a full review. For now I think this tool is well worth the money, though I don’t see the value in the high-priced version.

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Professional furniture maker and restorer. Dealer and collector of vintage and antique woodworking tools.
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6 Responses to New Shop Addition

  1. Marilyn says:

    Wow, that’s an interesting idea. I’m eager to hear how it works out.

  2. Chris Wong says:


    I’m in the same situation as you were and was looking at the small Rikon saw (which looks very similar) for cutting curves. I’d be curious to see how it handles cutting curves in hardwoods 2″ and thicker. Does your saw have 1/3HP?


    • Chris, The Rikon is the high priced version of this saw. My use will be to cut curves in 5/4 stock. The only suitable blade I have found so far is a 3/16″ 4TPI from Highland Woodworking. I’ll let you all know the results of my cutting when the blade arrives.

      I forgot a very important point. The Craftsman version of this saw has a 1/3 HP motor. As I said, I could find no visible differences between the 2 versions.

  3. Nice! I’ve always had similar thoughts about owning a second, smaller bandsaw for curved work like this; fitted permanently with a narrow blade. I look forward to seeing how you get on! I can’t forsee any negatives, as you appear to have the space for it.

  4. RWL says:

    I have one of these peashooters and two highland blades. I have used it for a year and will be interested to hear the views of an expert. The guides are hard to get and keep in a reasonable tolerance range.

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