Metallic Plane Company Tote Restoration

New tote finished to match those found in research photos.

New tote finished to match those found in research photos.

Just finished a custom reproduction tote for a Palmers & Stokes patent plane made by Metallic Plane company. The tote had to be made from pictures only because there was no original to go by. The knob was refinished to match the tote which was stained to match those found in my research. I don’t think the knob is original, but is most likely craftsman made, as was a tote that was on the plane when my customer purchased it.

The tote is fitted around this boss the same as the original.

The tote is fitted around this boss the same as the original.

Fitting the tote to the plane base , especially around the boss, was tricky but the end results were well worth the effort. It has a factory fitted look.

This plane is owned by Randy Roeder, owner of the Miller’s Falls website and it is on its way to him right now. Hope he likes it.

It is very gratifying to help keep and old tool working as it was designed to. I am passionate about keeping the old tools repaired/restored and working the way they were intended to.

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Professional furniture maker and restorer. Dealer and collector of vintage and antique woodworking tools.
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10 Responses to Metallic Plane Company Tote Restoration

  1. William Duffield says:

    Is that an Auburn Metallic, with an adjustable mouth and a frog with an adjustable bevel angle? If so, it is an example of a quite innovative 19th Century plane. One does not often encounter a bevel down plane with an adjustable mouth, much less, one with an adjustable bedding angle. It may be, however, that that particular model does not include the adjustable mouth feature.

    More info can be found on Walt Quadrato’s website.

  2. Bob Jones says:

    That is one odd looking plane to someone only used to seeing Stanley’s. 🙂

  3. rondennis303 says:

    Bill, it is great to see the work of someone who cares.

  4. Randy Roeder says:

    I just stumbled on to this post about Bill’s work on my plane, and thought I’d add my thoughts to it. The tote that came with the plane was a re-finished twentieth century maple tote that reminded me of the totes that came as original equipment on Merit brand planes. (If I remember correctly, Merit was a Sears product.) The front knob had been refinished with polyurethane, but I believe that it is original equipment. Unlike Bill, I’m more of a “leave it as it is guy” but in this case, “as is” was a lousy choice. The chance of finding an original fruitwood tote was slim, so I asked Bill to come up with a copy. Bill chose cherry for the tote and stained the front knob to match. I left the metallic finishes as found (except for some WD-40). The result is a nice-looking plane with patinated metallic surfaces that doesn’t try to fool anyone into thinking the wood is original. As you can see from the photos, Bill’s work was beautiful.

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