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In the pic above I’m gluing a piece of abrasive paper to an angled surface of a holding jig to prevent the workpiece from slipping down the angle when tightened in the jig. Yellow, or white glue, as well as … Continue reading

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Routering Small Parts

Routering profiles on small parts can be a very dangerous operation. The pic above shows a simple method to hold a small part that allows this operation to be done safely. I simply used an offcut of the tote with … Continue reading

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New Eggbeater Chuck Springs

I just finished the prototype tooling used to bend new chuck springs for the Ryther’s patent chucks as found on the Millers Falls eggbeater drills. There are 3 springs per chuck. The set of springs at the top in the … Continue reading

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Saved From the Fire!

Recently a friend of mine, Matt Cianci, sent me a piece of hornbeam that was given to him by a friend who found several pieces in his firewood pile. It looked like it would be big enough to make 2 … Continue reading

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