Gluing abrasive paper to a shop jig.

Gluing abrasive paper to a shop jig.

In the pic above I’m gluing a piece of abrasive paper to an angled surface of a holding jig to prevent the workpiece from slipping down the angle when tightened in the jig. Yellow, or white glue, as well as most other glues commonly used in woodworking, won’t work well in this application. They allow too much creep. Simply put they dry to a semi-plastic state and allow the glued piece to slide down the angle when clamping pressure is applied. This defeats the purpose of the abrasive paper. So, what glue to use?

Liquid hide glue.

Liquid hide glue.

I have found liquid hide glue works very well in this application. It dries fast and hard and exhibits no creep. This is also my glue of choice for bent laminations.

I have also found it useful for many other applications around the shop. It is my glue of choice for most furniture projects.

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2 Responses to Glue

  1. John says:

    Nice advice. Appreciate it.
    Have you ever compared liquid hide glue to the traditional stuff?

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