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Another New Shop Addition

Recently I purchase a media blast cabinet for my shop. Above you can see it under construction. It is a sizeable cabinet and there are a lot of parts. Above you can see the assembled media blast cabinet ready to … Continue reading

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Saw Sharpening Bench Part 3

Finally I got a little open time in the woodshop so I decided to mill the tenons on the aprons and stretchers for the saw sharpening bench. The stacked dado set on the table saw was the tool of choice … Continue reading

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Plane Tip

Keep an old candle on your bench when planing. Rub it on the sole of the plane and you will find it much easier to push. It will not have any ill affects on your finish. As always thanks for … Continue reading

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Knob and Tote Price Increase

I have been making and selling high quality knobs and totes for handplanes for a good number of years. During all that time I have held my price. If you read my 3 part series on making a tote you … Continue reading

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