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What’s happening

One of the many things currently going on in my woodshop is a search for a new drill press to replace my current one. The one in use now is in very good condition, but there are several shortcomings that … Continue reading

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Latest Shop Addition

The old Rockwell lathe above is my second lathe. It has served me well for some years, but it had some issues. I have turned many a knob and chisel handle on this old machine. Because of it’s weaknesses when … Continue reading

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Improving the Veritas Tote

A lot of thought, time, and independent testing went into the design of my replacement tote for the Veritas handplanes. The photo above shows a comparison of the veritable Stanley tote to my Veritas replacement tote, and the original Veritas … Continue reading

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Restoring a Pair of Chisels

  Recently I restored a pair of chisels for a friend, Matt Cianci, in payment for sharpening a pair of saws for me. The pic above shows the chisels as I received them. Matt had de-rusted them prior to sending … Continue reading

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