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To Restore or Not

Recently I was reminded that there have been a lot of newcomers to woodworking and especially to hand  tools. My philosophy on tools is quite simple. Tools were made to be used. Before you get your feathers ruffled, I am … Continue reading

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Customers Plane More Info

I have found out that this beautiful plane was indeed engraved by Catherine C. Kennedy. A true artisan.

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A Customer’s Plane

A customer sent me this photo of his Lie-Nielsen bronze #4-1/2 smoothing plane I made the holly knob and tote for him. I don’t know who did the engraving. This plane is absolutely gorgeous. As always, thanks for stopping by … Continue reading

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New Handle for a Turning Tool

I just finished re-handling a 1/4″ spindle gouge. It is like new even though I have had it for years. I never used it because I didn’t like the handle. It had the same handle as the skew chisel above … Continue reading

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Saw Sharpening Bench Part 5

With the milling and the joinery done I decided to  apply a finish to the parts before assembly. It is easier to do this now than after the base is assembled. I used a favorite home brew finish that I … Continue reading

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