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Favorite Glue for Complex Glue-ups

I’m building the fence system from Fine Woodworking #231. The glue-up is complicated. The assembly has to be true with no twist and the working face has to be square to the bottom. Modern woodworking glues just don’t give me … Continue reading

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Drawing Software for the Woodshop

I have tried a lot of CAD applications over the years, but never found one that I really liked. Some years ago I tried SketchUp’s free version. With no instruction It was a real struggle so I eventually abandoned it … Continue reading

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Hand Plane Basics Part 2

2015 has been a very busy year so far. So busy in fact that I had to stop accepting orders for knobs and totes to allow me to catch up on other things. Things such as writing part 3 of this series. … Continue reading

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