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Professional furniture maker and restorer. Dealer and collector of vintage and antique woodworking tools.

Exotic Wood Tote & Knobel Set

Applying the finish to an exotic knob and tote set made from African Blackwood. This wood turns very well, but is difficult to work with hand tools. It sands very well and takes a greatom polish. This wood in kiln … Continue reading

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To Restore or Not

Recently I was reminded that there have been a lot of newcomers to woodworking and especially to hand  tools. My philosophy on tools is quite simple. Tools were made to be used. Before you get your feathers ruffled, I am … Continue reading

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Customers Plane More Info

I have found out that this beautiful plane was indeed engraved by Catherine C. Kennedy. A true artisan.

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A Customer’s Plane

A customer sent me this photo of his Lie-Nielsen bronze #4-1/2 smoothing plane I made the holly knob and tote for him. I don’t know who did the engraving. This plane is absolutely gorgeous. As always, thanks for stopping by … Continue reading

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New Handle for a Turning Tool

I just finished re-handling a 1/4″ spindle gouge. It is like new even though I have had it for years. I never used it because I didn’t like the handle. It had the same handle as the skew chisel above … Continue reading

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Saw Sharpening Bench Part 5

With the milling and the joinery done I decided to  apply a finish to the parts before assembly. It is easier to do this now than after the base is assembled. I used a favorite home brew finish that I … Continue reading

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Chisel Restoration

Just finished this rare set of Anton Berg socket chisels. The original handles were removed and the steel de-rusted in my electrolysis tank. Then they were put through a process I call “brightening”. This is a light polish where no … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Restoratin

I like straight handled hacksaws better than the modern pistol grips so whenever I find one it seems to follow me home. The Millers Falls #26 seen above came in a boxlot of tools that I bought at a local … Continue reading

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Saw Sharpening Bench Part 4

The last time I worked on this bench was in March. Finally I am getting a chance to finish this project. The mortises were cut and the sides pared using chisels and the tenons cut on the table saw using a … Continue reading

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Latest Knob & Tote Set

Just finished this knob and tote made from holly. It was for the highly skilled engraver, Catherin C. Kennedy to mount on this beautifully engraved Stanley #4. The plane is finished in black oxide after it was ground true and … Continue reading

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