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Cleaning Cutters

Keeping cutters used in power tools clean is very important. When cutters have a heavy buildup of oils and resins they cut harder, run hotter, and dull quicker. So for my router bits, saw blades and drills I have found … Continue reading

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Handy Little Tool

The digital angle gage is a very handy little tool around the shop, but especially at the sharpening bench. Precise angles for plane irons and chisels are not as important as some would lead you to believe. However, sharpening to … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Dedicated Sharpening Station?

If you don’t have a dedicated sharpening area in your shop I suggest you find room for one ASAP. For many years I kept my sharpening equipment in this oak box under a table in my shop. It wasn’t convenient … Continue reading

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Good Lighting is Important to Good Work

I recently heard that at age 60 we need 22 times more light to see well than at age 22. I did not know this. However I do know that good lighting is very important in the woodshop. I have … Continue reading

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