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Hand Plane Basics Part 3

Well, to date we have found an inexpensive vintage plane. We disassembled it, learned what the parts are, cleaned and de-rusted it, and made any necessary repairs. The next step to putting this plane back to work is to sharpen the iron/blade and … Continue reading

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Saw Sharpening Bench Part 5

With the milling and the joinery done I decided to  apply a finish to the parts before assembly. It is easier to do this now than after the base is assembled. I used a favorite home brew finish that I … Continue reading

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The Ruler Trick

For those unfamiliar with this little time-saving trick from David Charlesworth look here. This is a great device for old plane irons that can have backs almost impossible to flatten. Do beware, some of the demonstrations on the web show … Continue reading

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Veritas Saw File Holder

The new Veritas saw file holder is a great tool for holding a saw file at the proper rake and fleam angles. For a good review of this innovative new tool look here. If you have been thinking of trying … Continue reading

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