Improving the Veritas Tote

From left to right, Stanley, mine, original Veritas totes.

From left to right, Stanley, mine, original Veritas totes.

A lot of thought, time, and independent testing went into the design of my replacement tote for the Veritas handplanes. The photo above shows a comparison of the veritable Stanley tote to my Veritas replacement tote, and the original Veritas tote as seen on my bevel up jack plane. As you can see the Veritas tote is taller. That is because there is no frog on which to point your index finger. Therefore, the tote must accommodate 4 fingers instead of the usual 3 fingers. If you have a Veritas plane and are unhappy with the original tote visit my website for more information on my replacement knob and tote sets for the Veritas, and other, planes. As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.


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3 Responses to Improving the Veritas Tote

  1. Rob Porcaro says:

    Readers, permit me to add, without having been prompted, that the difference between the OEM Veritas handles and the gems that Bill makes is like night and day! I have had Bill’s handles on my Veritas planes for a good while now and they truly change the way I use those planes. I’m more eager to pick them up, they feel a whole lot better in my hands, and consequently, I use them more effectively for a longer time. They are not only beautiful but importantly functional. Here’s more detail:

    Rob Porcaro

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