Wolverine Sharpening Jig

The basic system as it arrives from Oneway

I am not a “turner”. My turning is for furniture making and tool handles and knobs. After sharpening my turning tools by hand for several years I decided to buy a Wolverine Sharpening jig. After all I do use an eclipse type jig to sharpen my plane irons and chisels. Sharpening jigs allow a craftsman, who doesn’t need to sharpen his edge tools on a daily basis, the ability to repeat angles very precisely time after time. This allows your tools to cut the same, time after time. Now I’m sure there are people who have trained their muscle memory and hand eye coordination such that they can repeat cutting angles very precisely time after time. Though, I have not found one yet that could match a good sharpening jig.

The basic Wolverine sharpening set comes with (2) bases, a vee-arm, and a tool platform. The instuctions are clear, concise, and straight forward. Tou will need to measure your grinder’s height from the base to the center of the wheels. Subtract this measurement from the Wolverine’s specified 6 1/2 to 6 1/4 and this will give you the thickness of the shim you will need to acheive the proper height. This sounds complicated, but it is rather easy.

Platform & Riser ready for the grinder

In use the jig is very simple to use and produces good sharness and best of all repeatable results. Follow the clear directions, as I did and you will have sharp tools quickly and easily. You can watch the Wolverine video here  and learn a lot more. The tool platform is the best one I have ever used and is worth the price of the set. I have been using pedestal grinders for sharpening tools since I was a machinist’s apprentice in 1965 and have seen many tool rests, but this one tops them all. It is very quick and easy to set. It does an excellent job on chisels and plane irons.

Complete setup ready for the vee-arm and tool platform

Overall I find the Wolverine Sharpening Jig to be an excellent tool at a fair price. Highly recommended.


Professional furniture maker and restorer. Dealer and collector of vintage and antique woodworking tools.
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